2024 All-Oregon Academic Team celebrates nine PCC scholars

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Scholar Jesse Hauck receives congratulations from Vice President of Academic Affairs Katy Ho.

Scholar Jesse Hauck receives congratulations from Vice President of Academic Affairs Katy Ho.

This past April, Chemeketa Community College hosted the 30th annual Oregon Community College Association (OCCA) luncheon celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of 55 students from?the 2024 All-Oregon Academic Team (AOAT). The student scholars from the 17 community colleges across the state included nine PCC students, who were selected for their academic excellence, leadership, and community service. In addition, many are members of Phi Theta Kappa, the nation’s community college honor society.

PCC’s AOAT all-stars included Yogev Toby Moshav Arbel of Israel; Jadie Freitag from Baldwin; Gina Giangiobbe from Oakland, Calif.; Corinne Gray of Tigard; Jesse Hauck from Portland; Amanda Hein of Ketchikan, Alaska; Jai Johnson of Forest Grove; Hanna Pasichnyk of Portland; and Breanna Yee of Beaverton.

Gina Giangiobbe

Gina Giangiobbe.

Two of these students earned special honors – Jai Johnson was designated as a Coca-Cola New Century Workforce Scholar for earning the highest All-USA Academic Team application score for Oregon, and Gina Giangiobbe was chosen as a Coca-Cola Foundation Bronze Scholar. This showcases high-achieving students who demonstrate academic excellence and intellectual rigor combined with leadership and service that extends their education beyond the classroom to benefit society.

To address and honor the team members and their families, PCC Board of Directors and staff gathered to hear the luncheon’s keynote speaker State Representative Tawna Sanchez. The representative has helped raise 18 foster kids and has been the director for Native American Youth and Family Center where she co-created Early College.

“I was elected at the age of 55,” said Rep. Sanchez. “The system of law is not designed for persons of color, or women. I know because I work with it, making and changing the law. So ask yourself: ‘Where do you want to go? What do you need?'”

Sanchez continued, “Young people recognize that you belong everywhere you step. You belong here! And you deserve this moment where people are proud of you, where you are pushing to make your lives better. You never know how valuable you will be in the future.”

Each year, Phi Theta Kappa along with community college presidents and state associations like OCCA sponsor AOAT ceremonies in 37 participating states.

For more information visit PCC’s Phi Theta Kappa webpage.

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