Student Printing

Need to print something? Printers are available for student use at the campus Libraries and Computer Lab within the library.

PaperCut Print Management

Printing procedures for student computer labs using PaperCut:

  • Each currently registered student is allocated the equivalent of 100 double-sided pages per term for free.
  • Pages allocated for the previous term do not “roll” (so a prior term balance would not be added to your present term total).
  • You may purchase additional printing credit directly from a workstation running PaperCut with a credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa). Minimum purchase is $2.00.
  • If you do not wish to use a credit or debit card to add printing credit, you may pay with cash or check at a campus Student Account Services
Current Printing Pricing

These prices are subject to change.

Type Cost
Double-sided pages (B&W) $0.10
Single-sided pages (B&W) $0.07
Color pages (per side, where available) $0.25
Purchased printing expires yearly

Please note that purchased printing expires yearly at the end of the summer term. At that time, all accounts are purged and balances are reset to $0. Please carefully consider your printing needs as purchases are not refundable.

Printing Policies

Printing is subject to college policies relating to copyright and acceptable use. For further information please refer to our Information Technology and Copyright policies. If you have further questions or concerns, please visit one of our Computer Resource Centers and talk to a Labs Coordinator.

PaperCut on PCC Chromebooks

To get set up, on your Chromebook click a campus link (below) based on where you want to print to, and then follow the instructions.

PaperCut on your Personal Device

To print from a personal device (laptop or smartphone) while visiting the PCC Student Computing Centers within the Library, you will need to be onsite and connected to PCCWifi. Mobility print will not work on PCCGuest wireless. Mobility print works with Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, Chromebook*, and Android devices.

Must be on PCC campus network or PCCWifi to access Mobility Print resources.

You will click on the campus that you are at (Above), then the icon that represents your device, or operating system, to install the PaperCut printer to your personal device.

Installation Steps to print using PaperCut from your Personal Device

* For Mobility Print to work on a Chromebook, the device can not be in “kiosk mode”.

Additional Resources