Program overview

ESOL Levels 1 through 3 are non-credit classes. Levels 4 through 6 can be taken as non-credit or credit classes. Levels 7 and 8 are credit classes. You can apply 24 credits of ESOL classes to an associate degree.

The cost of ESOL classes ranges from a moderate fee to full college tuition. If you need help paying, see the non-credit waivers at the bottom of this page.

Level Class Credit hours Cost
Basic ESOL for daily living
1 ESOL 10 6, 7, 8, or 9 non-credit hours $84.80, $98.10, $111.40 or $124.70 per class
2 ESOL 20
3 ESOL 30
Transitional ESOL
4 Writing 42N Reading 40N Communication 44N 4 non-credit hours per class $162.10 per class
Writing 42 Reading 40 Communication 44 International students only: 4 credits per class College tuition
5 Writing 152N Reading 150N Communication 154N 4 non-credit hours per class $162.10 per class
Writing 152 Reading 150 Communication 154 4 credits per class College tuition
Academic ESOL
6 Writing 162N Reading 160N Communication 164N 5 non-credit hours per class. These classes will become available Summer 2021 $202 per class
Writing 162 Reading 160 Communication 164 5 credits per class College tuition
7 Writing 252 Reading 250 Communication 254 5 credits per class College tuition
8 Writing 262 Reading 260 Communication 264 5 credits per class College tuition

Estimated time to complete the program

Each class in Levels 1-3 is designed to be completed in two to three terms. Each class in Levels 4-8 is designed to be completed in one term. A student’s rate of progress through the program is affected by a number of factors, such as native language, educational background, living situation, work schedule, and time available to study and practice.

Non-credit fee waivers

ESOL students in Levels?1-6?who cannot pay the class fee can ask their instructor for a Class Fee Waiver form. To qualify, a student must show proof of participation in Food Stamp Benefits, Oregon Health Plan, or Dislocated Workers Program. All class and tech fees can be waived for Level 1-3 students. Students who are in Levels?4 through 6?can only waive the class and tech fees for one class each term.

Applying for Financial Aid

Do you already have a 4-year college degree from your country? Please talk to a financial aid advisor before applying for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Final “grades” or marks for non-credit ESOL classes

In general, students who complete a class have earned passing grades on homework, quizzes, and tests, and have not had unusual attendance problems.

  • CM = Completed (The student is ready to advance to the next level.)
  • PR = Progressing (The student must stay at the same level; the student is not yet ready to go to the next level.)
  • L = Left (The student left the class.)
  • UP = Unsatisfactory Progress. (This mark exits the student from the PCC ESOL program. Students are advised to enroll in a community-sponsored English language course and then re-take the placement test when they are ready to come back to PCC.)