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Why choose Chemistry at PCC?


In addition to the?PCC scholarship opportunities, many PCC Chemistry students have earned scholarships and valuable research internships from:

Investigate the microscopic to understand the macroscopic properties in your everyday life. We have a variety of classes to fit your needs, including preparatory classes if you have never studied chemistry before.

We offer less expensive opportunities to take prerequisite courses for many professional programs. It’s not too late to pursue your dreams of being a doctor, engineer, or veterinarian.

Degrees and certificates

Degrees and certificates by number of terms to complete
Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
University transfer 2 years at PCC + 2 years at university

What will you learn?

At PCC, students are engaged in the chemistry classroom through a variety of teaching styles including interactive group work, demonstrations, and discussions. In our labs, you have the opportunity for hands-on experience with high-quality instrumentation and equipment.

What will you do?

Chemistry is relevant to a broad range of scientific, academic, and professional pursuits including physics, biology, engineering, medicine, and liberal arts.

Chemistry 151 competency exam

The Chemistry 151 competency exam is for students wishing to bypass CH 151 and go straight into CH 221.

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