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Criminal justice professionals work closely with people at all levels of society to create community and promote public safety for all.

Do you desire to serve and educate the public? Do you have good judgment, self-discipline, and follow through? Do you practice self-care and manage stress well?? Do you treat everyone with respect and without bias while being assertive enough to get a job done?

These are only a few questions you will answer in the PCC Criminal Justice program.? We balance a comprehensive introduction to community building and criminal justice with fundamental skills you need to get started in the field.

The Oregon Employment Department forecasts criminal justice jobs in the Portland area will grow 5.5% through 2027.

Why choose Criminal Justice at PCC?


The Oregon Employment Department reports salaries for Portland-area patrol officers range from $33.54 to $36.35 per hour. The average annual salary is $87,537.

Law enforcement and community agencies, both state and federal, routinely seek PCC Criminal Justice graduates because of the rigorous, comprehensive, and quality education we provide.

Experience, skills, accreditation

PCC criminal justice faculty have extensive education and experience in our community: local/state police, corrections, the FBI, and other community agencies. Only instructors who have proven experience, knowledge of proper procedures, and an understanding of criminal law and equity teach our courses.? You receive up-to-date, relevant skills delivered through best practices. City, county, and state agencies have given our program the highest marks. Many of our graduates go on to pursue higher degrees at other institutions.

Continuing education for professionals

Our continuing education and training components help current criminal justice professionals complete a degree, prepare for a promotion, or gain additional expertise in particular criminal justice and equity courses. Also, our program features specialized seminars on current and high profile topics.

Degrees and certificates

Degrees and certificates by number of terms to complete
Award Length Financial aid eligible Currently accepting students?
Associate Degree: Criminal Justice2 years


What will you learn?

PCC’s Criminal Justice program offers a variety of courses that provide an overview of the criminal justice system while also focusing on specific elements of the profession:

  • Criminal justice professions
  • Crisis intervention
  • Cultural diversity
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Investigation, interviewing, and interrogation
  • Forensics
  • Gathering and processing of evidence
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Laws and enforcement
  • Police report writing
  • Search and seizure
  • Victim assistance

What will you do?

Criminal justice offers a wide variety of opportunities in police work, the court system, adult and juvenile corrections, and community corrections. Jobs in these fields may include:

  • Corrections
  • Counseling and advocacy
  • Crime prevention and agency collaborations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Criminalistics
  • Data processing
  • Parole or probation support
  • Policing and officer advancement
  • Private security

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